When Should You Go to Kauai?

Okay, so when is the best time to visit Kauai?


Usually that question can be answered by understanding the worst times and working your way backwards.

The busiest times to go to Kauai would be during the big holiday seasons and the encompassing week. Those holidays are Easter, Thanksgiving, Christmas and New Year’s. During those times, the crowds are high and the hotel rates are high.

Something else to consider is that generally the crowds are higher when school is out, because that is when families take their vacations.

The chart below shows the number of monthly visitors to Kauai. The data was obtained from the Hawaii.gov website.

Kauai Visitors

The next factor in determining when to go should be the weather. Below shows the high and low temperatures (in degrees Fahrenheit) for the city of Lihue. Other cities’ temperature may vary slightly, but not by much. Shown are the monthly average highs and lows.


So you can see that the temperatures are always quite pleasant—in the 70’s and low 80’s. So what about the rain? The diagram below shows the monthly average rainfall (in inches) for the cities of Waimea and Princeville. The different weather sites seemed to vary on the absolute values but the magnitude and trends were always consistent.

Kauai Rain

Depending on your personal situation, the months of May and September are the optimal time for better prices, lower rainfall, and fewer crowds.