Maui Airports

Although there are three Maui airports, you probably only care about the Kahului airport.

Map of the Three Maui Airports: Kahului (OGG), Kapalua (JHM), and Hana (HNM with Maui airport codes

The three Maui airports have the following airport codes

Airport code
Kahului OGG
Kapalua  (John Henry Magoon) JHM
Hana HNM

Kahului : This is the biggest airport on Maui and the one that you will most likely fly into.  It is the second busiest airport in Hawaii occupying 1391 acres of land. It is the only airport you can fly into from the mainland. The OGG airport code come from the name Bertam Hogg who was started passenger flights between the Hawaiian islands.  Contact the Kahului airport at (808) 872-3830.

Kapalua :  Despite the name of Kapalua, this airport is south of Kapalua by about 5 miles.  It sits about 6 miles north of Lahaina and has a Lahaina address.  This smaller airport has only one runway and is used by commercial propeller air carriers and commuter  aircraft only. The JHM airport code comes from John Henry Magoon, the former president of Hawaiian airlines. Contact the Kapalua airport at (808) 665-6108.

Hana : This is another single runway airport on Maui. It sits on a 119 acre site and is used for the smaller,  propeller planes.  The airport code, HNM stands for Hana Maui. Contact the Hana airport at (808) 248-4861.